Monday, June 18, 2007

New Privacy Privilege Needed for Internet Companies

I want Google to be able to protect our information as if it were subject to Attorney-Client privilege. Most companies can't begin to keep all their files organized and could really benefit by using the search technologies that Google offers. To just search your own local network as easily as we search the Internet -- It's a dream come true. But wait! Do we trust Google?

I for one do trust Google. But I don't trust the Government. Therefore I don't trust Google all the way.

I don't trust the Government to not make mistakes confusing my data with someone else's data.

Therefore I want Google to have attorney-client privilege when it comes to the information it has about me and the company I work for.

If Google could have this protective guarantee, I would make the recommendation that our company uses Google to search our internal networks and make them available to us only.

Years ago I was very vocal to my Federal legislators about the importance of allowing encryption technologies to go overseas. It would be a giant savings for businesses to interconnect their offices, it would enable commercial transactions world wide.

Enabling Google to have a stronger trust relationship with it's users would bring about a further revolution in IT. Google has the technology in place to help propel our collaborative efforts exponentially. But the question isn't whether we should trust Google - we can. Should we trust our Government - we can't - unless laws are passed which treat as sacred the information shared between information service providers and their customers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sound on Thin Clients

I have been working with Thin Client technologies on Linux for years. Recently however advances in sound in Linux are promising low latency performance necessary for VoIP for thin clients. Still I'm working to see these benefits where I work. I'm looking to see applications like work over's client technology from a knoppix cd against an Ubuntu 7.04 terminal server. I'm seeing some momentum but it's not quite there yet.

I'd also like to see Wine be able to use the audio card of a thin client to use headsets for voice recognition software.

Well these are thoughts. Maybe someone will find them of interest.

Thursday, June 7, 2007 Uses Google Groups & Apps For Domain

I'm moving the web site and its mailing lists over to Google.

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